Stereotypes Game

This is the first time in which Yasmeen Godder creates a work for younger audiences. The interactive performance: Stereotypes Game employs parts of Godder’s repertoire, and invites the audience to view these while being in an active dialogue regarding gender stereotypes. Male and female roles are mixed, exaggerated and blurred in order to bring light to preconception of gender roles in dance and beyond. This playful and thought provoking proposal is performed by Shuli Enosh and Ofir Yudilevich –both highly acclaimed and mature dancers, who share their artistry and experience with the young spectators.

*The work has a bi-lingual version in Hebrew and Arabic





Upcoming shows

Adama - Dance Center Sderot
אדמה - מרכז התנועה שדרות

Choreography: Yasmeen Godder

Creating Performers: Shuli Enosh, Ofir Yudilevitch

Simultaneous Translation to Arabic: Sahar Damoni