Anat Bar

Anat Bar,  Dance and movement therapist and dynamic psychotherapist. Works at a private clinic, as a teacher and therapist supervisor. At the base of her dynamic thinking as a therapist is the combination of psychotherapy and the moving body.

In 2017, Anat began volunteering in the “Moving Communities” classes; About a year later she joined the   “Moving Communities” steering committee and took the role of volunteer coordinator.

In 2019, as part of preliminary research studies for a doctorate at the University of Haifa, she conducted research on the topic “The connection between participation in contemporary dance classes and

psychological flexibility, creative self-efficacy and quality of life

in Parkinson’s patients”. The results of the research were exciting, and the article was published here.

Later, Anat documented by watching, writing and photographing, the project of creating the dance work “The Places You’ll go” of the “Moving Communities”  participants with the choreographer Anat Vaadia. An article analyzing the process from a psychological point of view is currently in the works and will be published soon.

Today Anat accompanies and guides dance students who integrate into our dance classes in Seminar Hakibbutzim.