Ayala Frenkel 

Ayala Frenkel was born in 1986. she is a dancer and a choreographer.  Nowadays, Ayala is dancing in Yasmeen Godder’s new production Common Emotions. she is also working on a new piece to be premiered in July 2016, at Dance Arena Festival.  As a dancer, she has collaborated with the Israeli choreographers: Bat Sheva Dance company- Kamuyot Project, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez, Tamar Borer, Dana Ruttenberg, Anat Vaadia, Gil Kerer, Maya Brinner, Bosmat Nossan, and others.  outside of Israel she has collaborated with the choreographers: Anna Rotlisberger (Switzerland), Tomo Sone (Japan).  As a choreographer, she created GAZELLE that premiered in Dance Arena Festival, Jerusalem 2015. her solo piece EZEM has performed at Dolos Dance Festival, Tel-Aviv 2012.  in her past training, Ayala danced Ballroom and Latin American Dances, and was the Israeli champion in the field.  Ayala is a student for Philosophy and Art in the Open University, Israel.