Dikla was born, grew up and was educated in Be’er Sheva in a traditional family of Egyptian-Iraqi origin. Dikla states that she never studied music in an academic setting, and her work is influenced by Arabic music she heard at her parents’ house, especially from Oum Kulthum and Farid al-Atrash, and also by Mediterranean music such as Tryphons, Zohar Argov and Daklon. Her songs combine Arabic music with pop music. Dikla is described as a combination of Oum Kulthum, Rita, and Madonna, and as a diva of Hebrew-Arabic rock.

Dikla began her musical career in 1998, receiving appreciation mainly due to her hit songwriting, for some of Israel’s most famous singers: Sharit Hadad, Dudu Aharon and Shlomo Artzi. Her first album, “Ahava Musica”, was released in 2000, and was chosen by Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel’s major newspaper) as one of the five best albums of 2001. It was during this year that Dikla collaborated with Yasmeen Godder on the performance “HALL” using the most famous single from the album titled Boker Tov (Good Morning).  In 2014 she released her fourth album, “Ve Im Preda” which brought her major success, including songs that became big hits including the theme song and “Sheva Ba Erev”, both of which reached the top of the weekly charts of Media Forest and Galglatz (Israeli popular radio station), her success awarded her the title of Voice of Israel’s Singer of the Year in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Currently, Dikla is performing in the musical “Inta Omri” about Oum Kulthum’s life at the Hebrew Theatre.