Eran Shanny

Eran Shanny, born in Israel (1985), is creating fashion. His education in art and career in dance and performance have a great impact on his work. After finishing high school with a major in dance, Eran joined the famous Bat-Sheva Dance Company where he danced for three years before moving on to work with independent choreographer Yasmeen Godder. He took part in many creation processes and performed throughout nine years in theatres across Europe, America and Asia.
In 2011, after one year of studies at Shenkar College of Fashion in Tel-Aviv, Eran moved to Belgium to study at the Royal Academy, Fashion department, in Antwerp.
In his collections, the variety in shape and the use of unconventional materials is a strong characteristic. His work combines craft, complex construction and embellishment. Eran takes his inspiration from art, performance, music, the history of fashion and dress and the materiality of objects. He then searches for a common theme or urgency underlying the imagery he’s chosen and works to make connections between the disparate elements, developing a set of tools to design the collection with. He questions in his fashion making accepted norms of appearance, of masculinity,  femininity, of the borders between abstraction and the figurative, or function and decoration.