Ilana Sarah Claire Bellahsen

Ilana Sarah Claire Bellahsen

Born in Marseille, France, in 1982, based in Tel Aviv.

Creator, choreographer, dancer, teacher, rehearsal manager, painter, and mother.

Member of Clipa Theater since 2010 and owner of the Levontin 6 cooperative art studio in Tel Aviv.

Bellahsan started her professional career with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) under the artistic direction of Rami Be’er, where she danced between 2000-2008. During her work with the company, Bellahsen won the Yair Shapira Award for excellence in dance in 2005 and In 2007 she won the Minister of Culture and Sports awards for best individual performing dance.

Bellahsen’s first original works Mi Señora and CooCooReCot, were created and performed as part of her work with KCDC. 

In 2008, Bellahsan collaborated with her partner, Artour Astman, and the two created the full-length evening ArtLana, which has since been performed in various venues and festivals such as MahoLohet, International Exposure of the Suzanne Dellal Center (2009), the Goethe Institute’s Modern Dance Festival in Vietnam (2015) and others. 

The two continued to collaborate artistically and created the piece UNIT for the Curtin Up Festival in 2017. Following the creation of UNIT, Bellahsen and Astman were invited by Suzanne Dellal Center of Dance and Theatre to create two interdisciplinary pieces in collaboration with various musicians and singers, for the opening and closing acts of the festival Dream Drum Dance in 2018.  

Throughout the years, Bellahsen collaborated as a performer and participant-creator with Idit Herman and Clipa Theater, Barak Marshall, Noa Shadur, Artour Astman, Maria Kong company, Inbal Oshman, Sahar Azimi, Osnat Kelner, Talia Landa, Ronit Ziv, Sharon Fridman, Yuku Harada, Doron Raz Avraham  Kim Teitelbaum, Moran Abergel, Erica Rintovich and others. 

Bellahsen is also a rehearsal director, she teaches repertoire, contemporary dance, butoh, movement improvisation, and tools for choreography in various institutions. 

Bellahsen has created multiple works independently, among them are the solo CHAOS which was created for Machol Aher Festival (2012); the performance art solo Untitled for a solo exhibition by artist Moti Mizrahi (2013); the work Foxy Lady, created for the Astoni Israel-Talin festival, in which she collaborated with the composer and violin player Andres Mostonan (2014); the solo work Dark Rivet for Hazira festival (2015);  Logic – a collaboration with Iscar company for microchip processing technologies (2018); These 2 Shall Pass which was created in collaboration with OryanYohanan as part of Manual Labor project by Clipa Theatre(2022); the solo work Etiquette-an action painting performance with food was created for Intimadanse Festival, Tmuna Theatre (2023).

Currently working on Foods a new full-length piece for the We Are Not Alone project by Clipa Theatre(march 2024) And started working with the Yasmeen Godder company on a new production that will be released in 2024.