Iris Erez

An independent Choreographer, dancer and teacher. Through her works, Iris searches to bring the political and public spheres through the private vibrating body. Between her works are: “Temporary”(2007), “Homesick”(2010), “First Body Many”(2013), “I’ll be right back”(2014),“Public Intimacy”(2014), “Local/Not easy”(2016) “The Makers”(2018), “Missing Faces”(2020),site specific works and videodance pieces. Her works are shown worldwide. As a dancer worked with choreographers Yasmeen Godder, Inbal Pinto, Arkadi Zaides, Ronit Ziv, Anat Danieli and more. 

Curated the Galilee Mountains Dance Event and MASH 2015 dance festival in Jerusalem. Today is the curator of the dance series “Day light works“ in Nataf in collaboration with Ruth Valensi. Teaches release technique and choreography at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and the Visual Theater School and was the guest artist professor for spring 2017 at the dance department at Reed College USA. Won prizes from the Ministry of Culture for the best dancer for the years 2001 and 2018 and grants from Bistrizki, Teva and the lottery culture funds. 

Holds a BA in psychology and arts and a diploma in dance therapy. A mother of 2 boys.