Matan Daskal

Matan Daskal, danced in Yasmeen Godder’s Dance Group, at Batsheva Dance Company, Iris Erez Dance Group, Tom Weinberger, and more. Co-founder, artistic director, composer, and conductor of Castle in Time Orchestra, which performs in numerous festivals globally. Composing music for film and dance pieces performed by NDT 2 (NLD), AXIS dance company (USA), IDC (ISL), Johannes Weiland Company (GER), NSP 2 (NOR), Luzerner Theater (CHE), Inbal Dance Company (ISR), Heymann Brothers films, and more. Guest conductor at the Israel Chamber Orchestra and Bangalore Orchestra. Daskal’s compositions have been released on the labels “Cala Records” (USA) and Cyland (RUS). Received grants from the America-Israel cultural foundation, the Israeli Lottery, the Rabinovich Foundation, the Siday scholarship for musical creativity through the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music, MASH, ACUM the Israel embassy in Spain and India. Teaches movement, composition, wind band orchestras, and soundpainting workshops globally in dance companies, studios, conservatories, and universities. Holds a BA in composition and music education.

With Yasmeen Godder, Matan participated in the creation process of the piece “Lie Like a Lion”, and performed in “Love Fire”, “Common Emotions” and “Simple Action”.