Ofer Laufer

Ofer Laufer is an artist, an industrial designer, and a lighting and space designer who seamlessly transitions between his work as a light, space and object designer, a sculptor, and a creator of installations in public space. His work takes place in the realm between objects, light, action, and environment. It is characterized by precision and delicacy intertwined with urban brutality, vandalism, and industrialism. The poetics born from these forces are embodied in the plastic performance of objects and light images that operate with both aggression and consideration toward the environment in which they exist.

Ofer is a graduate of the Technological Institute in Holon, where he studied industrial design and film studies at Sapir College. He has exhibited in shows such as “Art Lovers,” “Autumn Ritual,” “Night Lantern,” “Mekudeshet,” and more.

He has worked as a lighting and space designer with creators such as Yasmeen Godder, Amit Drori, Adi Boutrous, Nava Frankel, Eli Petel, Hillel Kogan, and many others, at theaters venues and festivals in Israel and all around the world.