Omer Alsheich

Yasmeen Godder Company’s production manager since the end of 2017.

Production Planning, International Touring, Content management and archiving, the Company’s website, and more. 

Original company’s productions: Demonstrate Restraint (2018), Eyes Wide (2018), Practicing Empathy #1 (2019), I’m Here (2020), Practicing Empathy #2by2 (2020), Practicing Empathy #3 (2021), S.O.S. – Songs of Sequence (2023) 

Stage manager for the company’s repertoire. 

Worked for the Mekudeshet Festival in Jerusalem (JSOC) as a content producer – works: Tuktuk (2015), Confessions (2016), Basic Assumption (2017), Running in Jerusalem (2018), Festival Behind the Festival (2019)  

Worked with independent artists

Consultor and adviser for Eve’s artists (Independent theater and performance art creators organization) in the field of submissions to the lottery, funds, grants and more.

Production Mentor for final-year students in Spair College (2019)