Shahd Jabarin

Shahd Jabarin, a dancer and artist from Nazareth. She graduated from Aida Dance School for ballet and contemporary dance in Nazareth in 2020. She chose to continue studying dance and graduated from ‘The Maslool for Professional Dancers’ in Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2022.

Throughout her studies, between the years 2019-2022, she was a dancer in Shaden Dance Company and took part in the company’s works Trilogy, When the Body Remembers and On the Way.

After graduating she continued working as a freelance artist engaged in works that deal with activism, identity and community struggles. 

She has worked with choreographers Ariel Freedman, Yasmeen Godder and Rand Taha. She is a member of Studio Collective, an initiative by Palestinian dancers and artists aiming to organize various dance events and to build a platform for dancers and artists to connect and create for and in their community. 

“Finding a space to explore freedom and expression has always been difficult for Palestinian dancers and artists seeking to free themselves from the survival mode. Working with the company and Yasmeen was that space for me. The body can teach us so much, and working on SOS taught me strength in vulnerability, we won’t break if we come together in sharing, we may even build something stronger.“