Shulamit Enosh

Born in Jerusalem, 1986. Dancer, performer and creator, dance and movement teacher. Ilan Lev’s method practitioner. Graduated the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance High School. B.Dance degree and a teaching certificate in dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Shulamit began her artistic journey in folk- dance with the Jerusalem Hora dance company in 1998-2006. During her last year in high school, she was invited to take part in technique classes and joined the rehearsals of the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak Dance Company. In 2006, while serving as an outstanding dancer in the IDF, she was invited to perform as a guest dancer in the show Deca-Dance with the Batsheva Dance Company and the Ensemble. 

In 2007 Shulamit joined the Yasmeen Godder Dance Company as a creating performer and participated in many projects. Alongside the shows, she took part in other roles as well, teaching technique and repertoire and managing rehearsals and summer courses. In addition, Shulamit managed and taught movement classes for people living with Parkinson’s, which she teaches today. In 2018, Shulamit held auditions for the Toulouse ballet company, Secrétariat du Ballet. Godder sent her there to choose a dancer – who would later perform a solo piece inspired by Shulamit’s solo.

Around those years, Shulamit began to work more with the contemporary dance field and dive into the performance art, exploring somatic body methods through collaborations, and participation in varied workshops with people from different disciplines in Israel, and around the world.

Works – “Reflect-Me” (2014) “Mirror Morals” (2015) “Hora Eskista” (2016) “Temporary Memory”. She created her first piece as a choreographer and as a solo performer in collaboration with her partner, Yonatan Bar-Or, who filmed and edited the video that was projected in the piece. A common thread in her works is the recurring engagement between the private and the public and between the personal and the political-social.

Videodance –  (2021, March) – Created a solo piece for an online video dance in collaboration with the photographer and director Gil Nemet. This solo that she created and performed was chosen and produced by ‘Boras’, an independent art house in Be’er Sheva. The video dance is presented as part of a virtual exhibition on the website (2021, April) – Participated in a video dance by Rachel Erdos and Ori Lenkinski on the topic of pregnancy, filmed by Efrat Mazor.

As a creating performer, Shulamit collaborated with various dance artists and others, among them: Yasmeen Godder, Anat Danieli, Guy Gutman, Maya Brinner, Ari and Hagit Rosenzweig, Dafi Altabeb, Itzik Giuli, Rachel Erdos, Noa Zamir, Smadar Goshen, Lilach Livne, Ravid Abarbanel, Faye Shapiro, Hila Ben Ari, Dan Balilty, Merav Dagan, Ophir Ben Shimon, Shira Horesh, ‘Hamuchtar’ and more. As part of her work as a dancer, she toured and performed in many festivals and dance events all over the world. Awards and scholarships: (2004-2006) Won a scholarship from the “Sharet Foundation”. (2014) Won the Minister of Culture Award for a performing dancer.