Tal Naveh

Tal Naveh is a performing artist who specializes in movement and physical theatre.  She received her BA degree with distinction in Performing Art, from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. and her MA degree in Independent Theater at Tel Aviv University. 

Tal is a member of the steering committee and leads the project of “Moving Communities” – a contemporary dance class for people with Parkinson’s – at Yasmeen Godder Dance Company.

 In her work, she explores the links between movement, sound, and words in order to create a new sense of reality from daily moments.  She is looking for different ways of using improvisation techniques to dive deeper into the unknown. 

Her shows were performed on various stages in England, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, and Israel.

Tal believes in art as a medium of human communication and as an instrument for personal, communal, and social transformation.