Tamar Lamm

Born in Israel, 1972. She spent her childhood in the studio of her father, the fashion photographer Ben Lam. Studied dance at the Israeli Ballet and Bat Dor. At the age of 21, after her military service, she moved to New York and began studying cinema at “S.V.A.” After about a year she decided to devote herself to dance. She was a student of Zvi Gotheiner and danced in Erick Hawkins’ company as well as working with other independent artists.

In 1997 she moved to Europe. In 1998 she worked with David Kern in Paris. She was a member of Natasha Kantor’s Theater Group and danced in Francois Raffinot’s company.

In late 1999 she returned to Israel and began working with Yasmeen Godder (“Say Hello Nicely” and “I Feel Funny Today”).

With the birth of her first son dancing was replaced by photography. Her works were shown in a number of group and solo exhibitions – 2000 – “Wall Flowers” – Herzliya Museum, curator Arik Miranda. 2005 – “High Heels in the Sand”, Petah Tikva Museum, Curator Revital Ben Asher Peretz.

2006 – “Archive”, Susan Dellal Center, curating with Yasmeen Godder.

2012 – “Pola Pola”, Tel Aviv Art House, curator Revital Ben Asher Peretz.

2014 – “Disturbed Nature”, Witzo Haifa Academic Center, curator Anat Gatenio.

As well as working as a dance photographer with independent choreographers, companies and dance festivals. At the age of 40 she returned to dancing, worked with Tamar Borer (“Boho”, “Emesh”, “Tzelem“), Iris Erez (“First Body Many”) Itzik Guili (video work), Anat Grigorio (“Animals on the Edge”) , Ari Teperberg (“I Want to Dance Kate”) and Eyal Weiser (“How is the animal?“) Amos Hetz (Room Festival).

In 2016 she started choreographing and creating dance works together with her partner David Kern.

In 2016, Tamar and David created “Because We Love You”, as part of the Zirat Machol Festival,

In 2017 they created “Dog Walkers”, also for the Zirat Machol Festival, And in 2018, they created “At the Foot of the Vanishing Table” as part of the Curtain Up festival.

In 2019 they created “History was Written by the Losers”, in collaboration with Tilman O’Donnell (Sweden)

In 2022 they created “The Monks” for the “Between Heaven and Earth” festival. In 2023, they created a dance work for the dancers of the dance training course, the Bikurei Haitim Center. Since 2019 she is a member of the Choreographers Association, together with David Kern.

Tamar has been photographing Yasmeen Godder’s works since 2000.