Tomer Damsky

Tomer Damsky is a vocalist, stage artist, and educator with a background in sound art, electronic music, and performance studies. She holds an MA from the Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on historical voice studies. Her research interests include philosophies of listening, performative presence, and contemporary performance of sacred music from various traditions. Since 2011 she has been teaching in various art institutions in Jerusalem, including the School of Visual Theater and the New Music Department of Musrara Art School.

As a singer and conductor, she has participated in vocal ensembles of various techniques and aesthetic worlds. She is the founder and artistic director of the Quantum Choir, an experimental vocal group combining contemporary repertoire with extreme reinterpretations of liturgical music. She has participated in the founding ensemble of the Great Gehenna Choir and in the staged choral works of Yonatan Levy, Noam Enbar, and Ruth Kanner Theater Group. Damsky creates, performs, and designs sound for theater, dance, and visual art, and has collaborated with Yasmeen Godder, Nir Vidan, Noa Dar, Dor Zlekha Levy, Nurit Dreamer, Ari Teperberg, and Yonatan Levy, among others. With Yasmeen Godder and her company Damsky worked for over five years, in which they researched different approaches to sound within the company’s productions – from installations to performative and vocal acts – as well as creating together “Demonstrate Restraint” in co-production with Garonne Theater, Toulouse.

Damsky is the frontwoman and founding member of the audiovisual trio WACKELKONTAKT, with which she creates a patchwork of cultural references across times and traditions, integrated with electronic music. The group’s performances and installations have been featured in festivals and galleries across Israel and Europe such as Acco Festival, Tectonics, Autumn Cult, Mitochondria (Milan), Enjoy Jazz (Heidelberg), as well as releasing a critically acclaimed record via Barcelona-based label Magia Roja. Damsky is also the frontwoman of the Belgium-based metal project Atonia, commissioned by Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands, one of the leading heavy music events worldwide. Damsky is a leading figure in the Israeli underground and extreme music community, a founding member of Studio Straus Collective, and an active member of the Tech-Poetry space in Hazira theater. She has performed and exhibited in Zurich, Vienna, New York, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Athens, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Moscow, and many more.