Heart Scenarios

An evening of two works:

Heart Scenarios

During a challenging and painful period, we came together to engage in a simple movement sequence inspired by Osho’s heart meditation, fostering a frequency of relaxation and harmony. We personalized it, embracing the notion of having superpowers! imagining our ability to bring any situation, thought, person, or idea closer to or farther from our hearts. In this collective experience, we became each other’s support, offering solace in the moment.


There was a time

when hearts once beat in unison. 

We draw upon past traditions, allowing the performance ceremony to untangle knots, heal wounds, and reignite the fire of life.

February 26th, March 1st, March 6th | 2024

  • Choreographers:
  • Project management:
  • Participants:
    Avi Alhadef, Avi Shamai, Esti Levy, Ethel Gutman, Gershon Mogilner, Gali Kinkulkin, Dita Dr, Daniel Sheetrit, Hillel Avistur, Zohar Ofer, Haia shalom, Tal Neveh, Yael Itkin, Yael Barkai, Yael Hezekiah, Lilac Levy, Mazal lhav, Michal Reiner, Mira Sagiv, Omri Demirel, Rivka Brashak, Rivka Maimon, Ruthi Rivnitsky, Rina Finchover, Rafi Eldor, Sharon Karbel
  • Drummer:
    Sela Dai
  • Accessory design and construction:
    Esti Levi
  • Jewelries
    Michal Rainer
  • Artistic Director:
  • Administrative Manager:
  • Production Manager:
  • Steering committee: