Ho The Places You’ll Go!

Ho The Places You’ll Go! By Anat Vaadia

When Hungry bodies meet in movement, every seed of an idea becomes a fascinating journey.

A movement research project by the choreographer Anat Vaadia, with participants of “Moving Communities” – people living with Parkinson’s disease, together with dancers and volunteers

After four years of contemporary dance lessons for people living with Parkinson’s disease in Yasmeen Godder’s studio, we are thrilled to reveal the creation process of “Ho! The Places You’ll Go” by Anat Vaadia, with the program’s participants.

For three months we’ve met in the studio, celebrating our being there. We were working with presenting ourselves, becoming familiar with each other, dealing with the sense of being an individual versus being part of a collective. How do we move as a united group? How do I move as an individual? We experienced how music and the people around, can trigger us to move and charge our bodies with joy and motion. The final piece is an assemblage of these moments, threaded into one continual sequence, in which we allow the different qualities to be interwoven together.

The Project was conceived and produced by the steering committee: Anat Bar, Sigal Bergman, Yasmeen Godder, Shiri Teicher, Ofir Najary, and Meir Peretz – which is the conceptual ground that holds the classes and the initiatives around them.

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  • Participants:
    Avi Elhadef, Orna Shalem, Anet Burshtein, Esti Levi, Gershon Mogilner, Hilel Avizoor, Yael Etkin, Lee Pantanowitz Mabjeesh, Meir Peretz, Alisia Katzir, Kim Hagity Green, Ramit Arison, Irit Gold, Maya Tamir, Jenny Birger, Michiru Shin, Ninve Nano, Dani Blumberg.