In the Light of Day

Be’or Hayaom – In the Light of Day

A performative research project by the performance artist Nava Frenkel, with participants of “Moving Communities” – which includes people living with Parkinson’s disease, together with professional dancers and volunteers:

 “Be׳or Hayom” (In the Light of Day) was created with and by members of “Moving Communities” and draws a sober-minded stance of the present, within the present. We insist on constructing and deepening a connection to this time and place, despite the strong relation to habits and loss – giving the stage to whatever rises, reveals – instead.

An article by Dr. Idit Suslik: (Hebrew)

  • Creator:
    Nava Frenkel
  • Participants:
    Esti Levi, Hilel Avizoor, Alisia Katzir, Kim Hagity Green, Irit Gold, Maya Tamir, Dani Blumberg, Avi Shamay, Ofir Najary