Steering Committee

The ‘Moving Communities’ project is led by a dedicated steering committee. The committee was founded as an outcome of the international conference held in January 2018  also titled “Moving Communities”, with the understanding that the dance classes for people dealing with Parkinson’s disease,  at Yasmeen Godder Studio,  is a social and communal project, grounded in the vision and interest of a diverse group of people.

The steering committee undertakes to formulate, dream, criticize and develop this social initiative, and to push forward the potential inherent in it. As part of this process, it contributes to the development of classes, the enrichment of teachers and volunteers, developing new programs and creative initiatives, and encouraging collaborations with a variety of local and international organizations.

The Steering Committee meets once a month (and sometimes even more) on a voluntary basis and consists of teachers and people dealing with Parkinson’s disease.

The current members of the committee are: Yasmeen Godder,  Zohar Eshel Acco, Sigal Bergman, Shiri Teicher, Anat Bar, Meir Peretz, Tal Naveh, and Eynav Rosolio. Anat Bar also coordinates the volunteer group consisting of professional choreographers and dancers as well as movement therapists.