The first Integrated Dance Conference in Israel

Vertigo Power of Balance in collaboration with Yasmeen Godder Company

The first Integrated Dance Conference in Israel

Sunday 10.10.21 | 9:30-16:00

Mandel Cultural Center, Tel Aviv-Yafo


A new initiative for creating a network of connections

For developing new collaborations, For acquaintance, dialogue and creative sharing

Through dance between people with and without disabilities

We are happy and excited about the collaboration with Yasmeen Godder Company

Who brings extensive knowledge and experience in a combination of dance and disability and professional creation

Alongside developing community movement options for people with Parkinson’s.


In the program:

Lectures, sessions and discussion groups, dance excerpts and lunch

Objectives of the conference:

To promote and expose the field of Integrated Dance and transfer the great knowledge gathered in this field – to the professional dance community, the cultural world and to organizations for people with disabilities.

Create and tighten connections between the various partners to create fertile ground for present and future collaborations.

Promote a foundation for the creation of an Integrated Dance Festival

For more details: [email protected]

Tali Wertheim | Michal Goldfield