Sudden Birds

In a white empty space, with an electric cello, 4 women begin by simply standing – and continue on to an exploration through layers of the found, familiar and fantastic. Relating to one another through role-playing, they test the physical and emotional boundaries that separate them. The work develops through a repetitive configuration, which entangles them, as it attempts at defining and redefining itself. The complexity of these layers being played out one against the other, builds an evocative and emotional narrative spectrum brought out in highly detailed and luscious physicality.

Sudden Birds was originally commissioned by the “Curtain Up”(2002) Festival with support from the Rabinovitch Foundation and the Culture Council of the Pais Foundation.

  • Choreography:
  • Dramaturgy:
  • Creating Performers:
    Maya Weinberg, Sharon Zukerman, Sahar Baron, Kama Kolton
  • Performers:
    Maya Weinberg, Inbal Aloni, Shahar Brown, Kama Kolton/Yasmin Farber/Sasha Shmork
  • Live Original Music:
    Karni Postel
  • Lighting:
    Jackie Shemesh
  • Costumes:
    Lulu Liam
  • Stage:
    Anat Sternschauss
  • Sound:
    Oren Cohen
  • Technical Director:
    Alon Cohen