Ghost Exercise


November 1,3,5-6Theater Freiburg DE

November 20+21+22 - Pôle Sud, Strasbourg, FR

January 3+4 HoWeDoIt, Warehouse 2, Jaffa IL

January 9+10 Kasene-Basel, CH


Ghost Exercise, a creation with the performers Monica Gillette and Amit Hadari. This is a unique collaboration between the company and Theater Freiburg which commissioned it and in which it will premiere there on November 1, and later tour to Strassbourg and Basel.


Choreography: Yasmeen Godder

Co-Artistic Director and Dramaturgy: Itzik Giuli

Creating Performers: Monica Gillette and Amit Hadari

Music: Emmanuel Witzthum

Lighting Designer: Andreas Harder

Costumes and Props: Franziska Jacobsen

Stage: and Video: Alona Rodeh

Rehearsals Direction: Matan Zamir

Administration and Production: Anna Wagner, Guy Hugler