I'm Mean, I Am

In the attempt to overcome void and depression imposed by the starkness or the dance studio, Godder tests her "powers" in a creative process with the other performers. In the creepy yet sporty atmosphere of the studio, they play with instincts and transformations which arise from the uneasiness and void. The tension that exists between process and product, and the desire to overcome it, sparks bouts of violence, which evolve into intimate moments, and allows the work to enter a more risky ground. The intensity built, becomes a platform for playing out "bigger than life" images, inspired by recollections of cinematic moments, to create a very particular performance language. All of these are a continuation of Godder's research into taking on images which may be alienating and far from our perception of ourselves, and seeing how our individuality deals with these exterior identities in performance, at once identifying with and rejecting them.


The choreography, the dramaturgy, the inner pace of the piece – all are accomplished with amazing talent, arousing wonder and rejection at the same timeץ Ruth Eshel, Gallery, 31.12.06

Light Equipment

 10 x ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal 750[w] 26 deg.

 15 x ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal 750[w] 36 deg.

 6 x Par64 1000[w], Very Narrow Spot, CP 60.

 34 x Fresnel 1000[w] (with barn doors, if necessary).

1 x Fresnel 2000[w], TV Lens + barn doors (or 2 x Fresnel 2[kw] theatre lens 8").

 60 X Dimmers 2.5[kw]

 5 x Power socket adaptors.

 Lighting control desk: Spark 4D by Compulite.

 * Sufficient amount of cables for the setup

20 x Fluorescent T5 tubes 58[w], 150cm long.

 1 x DMX 3-pin cable (for the connection of our Fluorescent's "DMX-Link" to the DMX line)

  Colour Filters

Rosco-LUX #4330 (Cyan): 1 x Fresnel 2[kw] TV Lens.

 Lee/Rosco #201 (Full CTB): All Fresnel, Par64 and ETC S4.

 Rosco #132 (Light Frost): 10 x ETC S4

 Equipment the company brings:

2 big wooden boxes that include:

 - The set parts (6 wings, 3 parts of wood floor, 3 front wings) that assemble together the "Room"

 - 9 x Fluorescents (industrial double-tube fixtures), 150cm long, dimmable.

 - Chains and carbines for hanging the fluorescent fixtures.

 - "DMX-Link" (Contactor/Command box) that is connected with the DMX line

 - Set of communication (2-pin) cables.

 - 1 x power switch (simple 16A semi-auto switch/fuse).

Sound Equipment

 PA System.

2 x Monitors for stage (could be 4, depending on the stage's size).

 2 x CD Player. One – main – positioned on the stage and is operated from the stage. Second is positioned with the FOH sound console and is running the same disc at the same time (please prepare a 19" rack case for the stage operated CD, this is part of the stage's look).

 Please provide sound man for running the show.

 5 x Stations, intercom system.

Set & Misc

 Performance's Length: About 70 minutes, no intermission.

Personnel: Tour and Show Manager, Rehearsal director, Technical director and 4 Dancers. Total: 7

.Proportions: 10 meters deep and 12 meters wide. The proportions listed are the ideal measures but negotiable.

Stage Look and Masking: The stage look is an "open" (naked) one, with no masking (neither borders nor legs). The walls – side and back – can be seen.
In case the side/back walls are too far or not suitable for the performance, then side/back masking (made of black curtains) is necessary. Please prepare 3 borders to hide the light and 3 black curtains of 6 meters high (at least) and 12 meters long (at least) for a case masking is necessary. All the soft goods should be made of cotton (no velvet curtains please).  

Set Piece: The main set piece is a "room" made of wooden wings and is part of the company's freight.  

Dance Floor: Black linoleum floor covering the whole dancing area. The stage must be made of wooden sprung floor.

Lighting: The lights are hanged at about 6 à 6.5 meters high. The front of house light bridge should be at about 3 à 4 meters from the front of stage and not more then 7 meters high.

Special needs: 19" rack flight case for the stage CD player, positioned as seen on stage plan. Windows cleaning spray, for cleaning the set piece, daily.  

Hospitality: Please provide coffee, tee, mineral water and fresh fruit for the duration of the setup and performances.


Choreography: Yasmeen Godder 

Dramaturgy: Itzik Giuli

Creating Performers: Yasmeen Godder, Eran Shanny, Maya Weinberg, Dana Yahalomi 

Music: Keiji Haino 

Set Design: Oren Sagiv 

Costumes: Maayan Goldman 

Light Design: Avi-Yona Bueno (Bambi) 

Mask Design: Alona Rodeh

Company Manager: Guy Hugler 

Rehearsal Director: Iris Erez 

Technical Director: Alon Cohen

International Tour Development: Dina Aldor

Photography: Tamar Lamm 

Special Thanks: Dalia Lider, Oren Cohen

The performance is a co-production with the Centre Nationale de la Danse, Paris and Hebbel am Ufer Theater, Berlin.

Yasmeen Godder is supported by the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport and the Israel Cultural Excellence