Open Morning Yoga Classes with Dalit Nemirovsky

Open Morning Yoga Classes with Dalit Nemirovsky

Starting on March 3rd – Sundays 8:45-10:00

Last class was on April 21st

“Yoga has been a part of my life for almost two decades. After concluding a career as a dancer, I sought a way to continue doing meaningful work with the body. In my first yoga practice, I discovered a fascinating world of body and spirit – a way for me to daily work on both my physical and mental strength.

In my sessions, there is a power and warmth derived from meaningful work with the body, breathwork, and internal meditation. I love expansive movement in practice, placing emphasis on the flow of the body to the sounds of breath, core strengthening, tension release, and cultivating physical and mental flexibility and openness. All of this is done with constant attentiveness to the body and its needs.”

50 nis a class – pay online 

225 nis for 5 classes – pay online