Klein Technique™️ with Adi Shildan

Klein Technique™️ with Adi Shildan

Mondays 9:00-10:30

Klein Technique™️ is a unique movement practice that works on the level of the bone in order to maximize the full function of each individual's unique movement potential.

The purpose is to teach people, dancers and non-dancers, to move properly through connecting their bodies to the floor, to the space, and to its many parts to form a formidable whole. We are working with and are interested in deep changes in each individual’s movement patterns, which will become integrated into their entire being. Our goal is to teach movement from an individual perspective of internal knowing and understanding. Our aim is toward maximum physicality in function and overall health. The outcome is usually fewer injuries, faster healing, greater strength and function, and overall healthier well-being.

Class is composed of instructed exercises, both standing and on the floor, which are done slowly and with deep attention. Dancers and non-dancers are invited to join class. No prior experience in Klein Technique™️ is needed.

Adi Shildan 

Adi is a certified Klein Technique™️ teacher, an Ilan Lev therapy method practitioner and a professional dancer and choreographer. She is engaged in healing processes that emerge from movement on the level of the bone. She lives in Pardes Hanna.

For more information: www.kleintechnique.com

60 NIS a class - pay online / 250 NIS for a card of 5 classes - pay online