Ori Flomin

Ori's class encourages dancers to increase their movement possibilities and take risks in dancing by maximizing the benefits of the warmed-up body. The warm-up moves smoothly from floor to standing with a strong focus on anatomy to strengthen connections of correct alignment with an increase of fluidity in the joints. Dancers will develop an understanding of the connections between their body and the floor and will learn how to use momentum and breath to explore full dancing with the least amount of muscular tension. Ori is known to approach his class as a dialogue with the dancers and include the use of imagery and humor to allow the dancers to relate personally to the given material and find their own voice through the experience in class. 

Ori Flomin has been dancing, living, surviving and thriving in NYC since 1989. He holds an MFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. His choreography has been presented in NYC and internationally. He has taught dance, Yoga and Shiatsu massage with prestigious festivals and schools across Europe, Asia, Israel and Australia in addition to colleges around NYC: PARTS, Impulstanz, London Contemporary School, Sasha Waltz, Circuit Est, SUNY Purchase, NYU, Movement Research, Gibney, among others. He performed in the works of acclaimed choreographers Stephen Petronio, Maria Hassabi, Neil Greenberg, and Molissa Fenley to name a few. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic he has presented some dance films online and has been teaching on-going Yoga classes virtually and developed his Do-It-yourself Shiatsu practice to help participants find healing through self-massage during these stressful times. 


PS - photo credit - Yasmeen Enahora

For registration - 16/08  | 17/08