Around the World Israeli Dances as Squarming Lives

Takao Norikoshi

Probably it is strange to hear about Israeli dance especially now in the country’s current situation. However Israel is one of the most active countries in contemporary dance in the world.  “Curtain Up” in the Suzanne Dellal Center celebrated its 5th year with more than 20 Israeli dance companies, all of which presented their new pieces during one month.

The most impressive show was Yasmeen Godder’s “HALL”.  She is based in NY and included in this piece an excellent solo dance using a “difficult face” with Scandinavian taste.  Her stage set and costumes are American kitch taste.  Her long slim arms and legs are moving sharply like an insect.  The audience enjoyed her sense of humor very much, which is so serious that it looks funny.

Despite and because the country is in such a sever situation, in this festival we can see clearly the strong and sparkling energy of Israeli young generation which is seeking for vivid lives in the dance culture.  Next year will be the “Israeli Year in Japan” .  I wish some of the Israeli companies will be invited to Japan.