Iris Erez

Born in 1971 in Rehovot, Israel. Holds a BA in psychology and arts and a Diploma in dance therapy.

 Works as a freelance dancer since 1993. Worked with choreographers Anat Danieli, Ronit Ziv, Inbal Pinto, Lara Barsacq, Uri Ivgi, Arkadi Zaides and between the years 2000-2007 with Yasmeen Godder.

 Won the first prize at the university campus talent contest for the year 1995, the Israeli minister of culture, science and sports prize for performing artist for the year 2001 and for performing ensemble as part of Yasmeen Godders group in 2003.

On 2009 got the Teva Company grant for creation. On 2010 the piece "Solo Colores" by Arkadi Zaides performed by her won the Kurt Joos prize. On 2012 got the Bistrizki fund grant for production.

 From the year 2003 Erez is creating her own work and performs in Israel and abroad. She was invited to perform at important festivals such as: Fabbrica Europa (Firenze), Operastate (Bassano), Interplay (Torino), IFFC (San Paolo),  Biennala Danza Venezia, Dance Praha(prague) and more. On 2007 was invited to create the piece "Canova Project" by the Operastate festival for the occasion of the 250 birthday of the sculpturer Antonio Canova.

Created also the works: "Protection Formula" (2003), "Temporary" (2007), "It's Not Personal" (2008), "Manual" (2008), "Numbia" (2009), "Homesick"(2010), "Shuttered"(2011), "I'll be right back"(2014). The last four premiered at the Curtain Up Festival, Tel Aviv, "First body many"(2013) and "Public intimacy"(2014).

From the year 2010 she is a member of the choreographers association.

 Cooperated with different artists: the video artists "Delight" and the indi music group "Panic Ensemble" in creating the multimedia piece "Love Soup" for the Israel festival (2006), the film director Benjamin Friedenberg in the creation of the videodance "Rehearsal" (2007), the film director Avi Dabach in the creation of the videodance "Serpent" (2008) and the opera singer Edit Zamir in creating "Manual" (2008).

In 2010 created the visual presentation "Tours" for Vdance festival, Jerusalem.

In 2008 was part of the Jury of the Israeli competition of the Vdance festival, Tel Aviv.

In 2010 was the initiator and the artistic director of the "Dancing Galil Mountain" Festival in collaboration with Ran Ben Dror, Moshe Shechter, the Galil mountain winery and the choreographers association.

On 2011 was part of the program "leading artists" held by the Ministry of Culture Office and the Stage Workshops.

Between the year 2012-2015 she was the chairman of the dance repertoire committee at the national educational culture center.

On 2015 she will be curating the 2015 edition of Machol Shalem festival in collaboration with Sharon Zuckerman Weiser.

From 2008-2011  Erez was playing "Lady Macbeth" in the play "Macbeth" produced by Tmuna Theatre and also a member of the improvisation group "Octet".

In 2010 played in the TV drama "Other Life".

Teaches release technique and improvisation for dance and theatre students since 2000.

© 2015 Iris