Shuli Enosh

Born in Jerusalem in 1986. Graduated the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance High School. Began her artistic path in 1998 in the Folk-Dance area with the Hora Jerusalem Group. In 2006 started working in the contemporary dance area as a guest dancer in Deca-Dance by The Batsheva Ensemble. That same year Shuli participated as a Creating Performer in the piece Scratching the Ends by choreographer Dafi Eltabeb. Since 2007 Shuli has been working with Yasmeen Godder as a dancer inSudden Birds and Love Fire, and as a Creating Performer in the works Singular Sensation, Storm End Come, A close look to the happy end and SEE HER CHANGE. In 2011 Shuli was part of the creating dancers in the research period forThe Toxic Exotic Disappearance Act, which was created by Yasmeen Godder for The Batsheva Dance Company.  In 2013 Shuli begun a collaborative work process on Reflect-Me with her partner Yonatan Bar Or, her debut work as choreographer and solo performer. The piece was first shown in "Tmuna" theatre as a part of Primary Three-Works in Progress. In January 2014 they premiered Mirror Morals, a work that was developed from Reflect-Me. It was performed as part of HoWeDoIt festival in Warehouse 2, Jaffa Port.  Both works enjoyed the support of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture and Arts and was produced by Yasmeen Godder Studio. Shuli is an autodidact and constantly engages in workshops and master classes with various choreographers, while also learning and exploring new performance and voice techniques, therapeutic methods and more.