In what was once a dance- “HALL”, a vibrant place, 5 people gather, like leftovers from a world that no longer exists.  Together they try
to relive the life of this place and to fulfill personal and shared fantasies.  Here their ability to communicate past what is acceptable; to give past what one can give, and to protect themselves, are all at a test.  The climax of this experiment arrives with the entrance of the singer “Dikla” , who brings humility, perhaps too late, into the frailty of these characters' world.

Choreographer: Yasmeen Godder
Artistic Consultant: Itzik Giuli
Creating Performers: Yasmeen Godder, Iris Erez, Kama Kolton , Asher Lev, Yaniv Cohen.
Original Music: Dikla, Robert Kaplowitz, Karni Postal and Ran Slavin.
Stage: Anat Sternschauss
Costumes: Wendy Winters, Dalia Leider, Yasmeen Godder
Lighting: Jackie Shemesh
Photography: Tamar Lamm

“HALL” was originally commissioned by the “Curtain Up 2001- International Exposure Festival” at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance in Tel-Aviv. 

"HALL... is an excellent piece…. (an) embroidery of complex and original dance. Yasmeen Godder’s vocabulary has duality- just like excellent text, she manages to create within the same body, almost simultaneously, the “everyday talk” and the muttering which pathways into the interior monologue, the sub-text. This is a virtuosity, which is exposed not only in her dancing, but also in the dancing of the other company members. "
[Gabi Aldor, Ha’ir November 2001]

"(HALL) works because of the feisty confidence of Godder and her performers.  They dance fearlessly both physically and emotionally.  Godder's work has surprising, disturbing emotional power."
[Gus Solomons Jr., Danceinsider, May 2003]

"For sheer emotion and drama, one couldn't beat Yasmeen Godder's dance/performance piece 'Hall.'"
[Jeffrey Day, The State, S. Carolina, May 2003]

"HALL grips the heart…the dancers are not dancers only: they are both marvelous acrobats and wonderful actors at the same time…I should never have believed it possible. Trans lingual (muli- lingual, supra-lingual, infra-lingual) communication works not only in drama, it works most effectively in humor as well… excellent and deeply moving show."
[Koznevles, Hungary, April 2003]

"Godder managed to build consistent, well portrayed, impressive characters, which turns “HALL” into much more than just a dance."
[Noga Mashal, Walla EntertainmentV Dec. 2001]

"...The choreography gains strength through its development, the richness of detail and complexity of execution…this is a quality piece."
[Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz November 2001]

"The most impressive show was Yasmeen Godder’s “Hall”. She is based in NY and included in this piece an excellent solo dance using a “difficult face” with Scandinavian taste. Her stage set and costumes are American Kitch taste. Her long slim arms and legs are moving sharply like an insect. The audience enjoyed her sense of humor very much, which is so serious that it looks funny."
[Takao Norikoshi, Asahi Shimbun, Japan, Dec. 2001]

Light Equipment

-6X Cantata 26/44 1200W
-24X Lico Altman 6/9 1000W
-7X ETC 750W 36o
-10X Fresnel 1000W + 10 XBarndoors
-3X Flood Quartz Strip 1000W
-4X Par Can 64 1000W (c.p. 60 very narrow)
-55 X Dimmer 2.5 kw.
-The Company brings "Wizard" by Martin- using 6 D.M.X. channels
- Lighting Board - Spark 4D / Photoun by Compulight.
- Haze Machine– DF50.
Gel and Colors
10 X Lee 205 For Fesnel 1kw.
19X Lee 203 for Lico 6/9
6X Lee 203 For Cantat 26/44

All the rest rest of the lights are O.W. (no color)
-Please provide two light technicians

For questions concerning lights:
Contact: Jackie Shemesh
++972-52-997-102 mobile

Sound Equipment

-1X Cordless Microphone
-2X Flat Stage Condensers with appropriately long cables to connect to stereo
-1X Stereo Disk Player

*Please provide a sound operator for balance and for running the show

Set & Misc

- Please prepare a 'black box' or a "naked stage". If walls have drawing
posters color curtains (other than black) or any sort of specific design
please remove or cover.
- The stage should have proportions which are minimum visual width of 10
meters wide. And 9 meters depth to the backdrop.
- There are 10 flats which are 2.9 meters tall.
- Please note that the flats need to be attached to the floors securely
because much weight is used upon them. Also there are 3 chairs which need to
be securely attached to floor due to the same reason.
- Floor- there is a PVC floor that attaches to the floor with black masking tape and wide transparent tape. Please provide both types of tape
- Minimum 2 Stage hands for building set.
- If there are any other shows prior to ours, on the same stage, please
provide a timetable.

Load in day

- Minimum set up time is 6 hours
- 1hour Run of Piece
- 1 hour for rest before show.
Dismantle- 2 hours.
Please provide all stage plans and specifics of the venue.
Send to : Yasmeen Godder