Shigeto Nuki, Dance Magazine

Shigeto Nuki

“What stood out (in Dance Triennale Tokyo 2009) was “Singular Sensation” by Yasmeen Godder (Israel). On the white stage, bright colors of the dancers’ costumes are noticeable. Abrupt movements such as arching their backs, thrusting out their tongues, rolling, twitching themselves, and taking out a gun create in an instant the intensity of the concentrated emotions, the intensity that only the movements born inside the dancers could possess. In the latter part of the piece, the movements become more complex under the thunderous sounds of the percussion. One notices that the texture of the people grappling with each other like a monument and the energy of the entwining men and women are superbly resonating with the scale, speed and the touch of the sound. The resonance expands to the five senses, from the tactile impression of the jelly and the smell of fruits, to a premonition of the taste. The nerves of the audience following the resonance through a different course than usual are opened up completely before one is even aware. But then, a stereotypical figure of the “hero” who has pasta sticking in the band of his goggle hiding his face instantly eases the tension. At the end of the piece, a woman is crouching down, her back against the vast wall at the back of the stage. Through its spatial contrast, all the bustle that has spread out in every sensation becomes quietly soothed.”