Yasmeen Godder’s Singular Sensation – The Guardian

Yasmeen Godder’s Singular Sensation, an orgy of trash couture and frontier-town bordello morality, examines a world of hyper-stimulus. Godder is a leading choreographer of the Israeli new wave, a movement which, among others, embraces Inbal Pinto, Hofesh Shechter and Jasmin Vardimon. Tongues snake and eyelids flicker in her fetishistically detailed vocabulary, and her scabrous trio of female performers pay slyly pornographic homage to feminine archetypes including the Three Graces and the Greek goddess Artemis.

We are numbed by excess, Godder tells us, and driven to an ever more desperate search for the authentic. Somehow, this involves girl-on-girl action in strawberry jelly, and a guy dancing with raw spaghetti behind his ears and clingfilm over his face. I guess we’ve all been there.