Yasmeen Godder to Premiere STORM END COME

Ayelet Dekel

Yasmeen Godder’s STORM END COME/Photo courtesy of PR

Yasmeen Godder will premiere a new work – STORM END COME – in March, 2011. A choreographer who is always exploring new territory and pushing limits in an aesthetic of risk that is often very playful, any new work by Godder is eagerly anticipated.

Her two most recent works are completely different from one another: LOVE FIRE related to the waltz and its mythology in surprising encounters, with the involvement of visual artist Yochai Matos, Singular Sensation traces the relentless pursuit of feeling beyond the numbness evoked by an age of over-stimulation and over-information.

The title STORM END COME suggests a confrontation with the elements, as one might expect of Godder’s work, the reference is as much to the internal as external environment. Godder’s site describes the new work:

In STORM END COME the performers embark on a journey of fluid and unpredictable mental states, which lead them to meetings and interactions in shifting environments. Within this unstable atmosphere, the work unravels a world which looks at one’s assumption of “self” as it is challenged by the basic fear of non-existence and of disappearing into someone else, alongside the attraction and alarm of transformation. Within this conundrum, there is still the need to reach small climaxes, expose moments of personal expression, and be a witness of someone else’s intimacy. Embodying all of this, the work looks at the struggle to rebirth ones’ identity through a series of personal, collective and animalistic sequences; A kind of heroic, pathetic and vulnerable insistence to define oneself, hindered by the need to submit to elements which are beyond our powers.

STORM END COME will be performed at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, 5 Yehieli Street, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, on March 1, 15 & 16, 2011 at 21:00, Tickets are 90 & 110 NIS, to order call: 03-5105656

Choreography: Yasmeen Godder
Co-creation and Dramaturgy: Itzik Giuli
Creating Performers: Dalia Chaimsky, Shulamit Enosh, Tsuf Itschaky, Danny Neyman, Anat Vaadia, Sara Wilhelmsson
Music: Hajsch “1992”
Lights: Omer Sheizaf
Rehearsal director: Ilaya Shalit
Sound Editing and Design: Eyal Shindler
Costumes: Michal Bassad
Production: Yasmeen Godder Studio
Administration and International Touring: Guy Hugler
Co-Production: Culturescapes Basel, Switzerland; Grand Theatre Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Bassano del Grappa, Italy