Sudden Birds – Curtain Up

Ora Brafman

White neon light shines on the white linoleum floor of Studio Suzy on the upper floor of Batsheva’s new building. The confined, sterile space works well for the intimate and emotionally manipulative new dance by Yasmeen Godder, since the work calls for proximity to the four black dressed dancers.

It’s important to notice the expressions, fleeting glances, half smiles, longing looks or gazes turn stone cold, for Godder created Sudden Birds as a study of relationships between four woman, focusing on transitional moments, change of power roles and nuances of physical expressions rather than large gestures.

Her work radiates with intensity, locked up energy and restrained passion. In this framework, all human contacts are frail like edgy birds resting on a tree top in the wind.

This intriguing, fine, sensitive dance, deals with the more enigmatic emotions and relationships. Godder has a unique, inquisitive mind and an original lexicon of movements on top of good sense of timing. Sudden Birds is an impressive creation by a talented choreographer.