Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder

A dreamy world is conjured up by the deconstruction of local war images into an alternate reality, one with the same aesthetics but with new and personal connotation. The desire for this project came with the need to bring to life, resuscitate, the grotesque and disturbing images which have become inseparable from our lives, and in their repetitive nature, have brought us to numbness. A look at local imagery as local mythology, through its flat cartoon-like representation, the work attempts at bringing back these images into a three-dimensional world.

Yasmeen Godder and the Bloody Bench Players presents: Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder was co-commissioned by The Lab – The Center for Performing Arts in Jerusalem and the Curtain Up (2004) Festival, with funding from The Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The Culture Council of the Pais Foundation, and The Yoshua Rabinovitch Foundation Tel Aviv

  • Choreography:
  • Artistic Consultant:
  • Performers:
    Iris Erez, Kama Kolton, Asher Lev, Yossi Berg, Inbal Ya’acobi, Maya Weinberg, Arkadi Zaides
  • Original Live Music:
    Avi Belleli
  • Space Design:
    Gal Weinstein
  • Lighting:
    Jackie Shemesh
  • Costumes:
    Alona Rodeh
  • Soundman:
    Oren Cohen