I’m Mean, I Am

In the attempt to overcome void and depression imposed by the starkness or the dance studio, Godder tests her ״powers״ in a creative process with the other performers. In the creepy yet sporty atmosphere of the studio, they play with instincts and transformations which arise from the uneasiness and void. The tension that exists between process and product, and the desire to overcome it, sparks bouts of violence, which evolve into intimate moments, and allows the work to enter a more risky ground. The intensity built, becomes a platform for playing out ״bigger than life״ images, inspired by recollections of cinematic moments, to create a very particular performance language. All of these are a continuation of Godder’s research into taking on images which may be alienating and far from our perception of ourselves, and seeing how our individuality deals with these exterior identities in performance, at once identifying with and rejecting them.
The performance is a co-production with the Centre Nationale de la Danse, Paris and Hebbel am Ufer TheaterBerlin.

Yasmeen Godder is supported by the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport and the Israel Cultural Excellence