Karioki Waltzing

The meeting between the waltz pieces, which are so recognized, stylized and beautified, with my movement and conceptual world, was like wearing a fancy costume and trying to remain committed to myself. In this meeting I was less curious about having a historical or archival dialogue with the form, but rather to allow my instinctual artistic response to resonate through images and physicality. And yet I do feel that this has taken me through a speed ride to the past and back again, mixing in my psyche images of time, social structures and personal history.


  • Concept, Direction, Choreography:
  • Dramaturgy:
  • Creating Performers:
  • Music:
    Johann Strauss, Le Beau Danube bleu op. 314; directed by Herbert Von Karajan, with the philarmonique orchestra of Vienna (deutsche grammophon)., Jean Sibelius, La valse triste op.44; directed by Herbert Von Karajan with Berliner Philarmoniker (EMI), Dimitri Chostakovitch, Valse n°2; directed by Dimitri Kitaenko with Orchestre symphonique de la radio de Franckfort (bmg music), Arnold Schoenberg, Valse de Chopin from Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21; Jan DeGaetani with the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (Nonesuch/WBR, 2005)
  • Costumes and props:
    Yasmeen Godder, Inbal Lieblich, Eran Shanny
  • Props Construction:
  • Administration and Production:
  • Co-production:
    LES SUBSISTANCES_Laboratoire de création artistique Lion, France, Kunstfest Weimar GmbH, Weimar, Germany