Lie Like A Lion

Lie Like a Lion is a creation in which dance, music and stage props are in a constant evolution.The dance movements, just as the objects on stage, are all part of Yasmeen Godder’s personal archive of solos made in the last 15 years. This time around, other than working with dancers, Godder sets to explore her own physical and emotional material in collaboration with two musicians. While Godder unfolds layers of her fractured identity it is unclear whether the musicians are her allies or conspires. Between disguise and pretense Lie Like a Lion takes us on a journey made of imaginary, fake and fantastical narratives. Movement structures are intertwined with bold and raw live music performance which forcefully engages us with Godder’s reflection on her work and proposals for the future.

The world premiere of the full evening version of Lie Like A Lion was in Bassano del Grappa IT, as part of B-Motion. The first version was commissioned by Les Subsistances, Lyon FR, as part of the third edition of Festival Aire de jeu(2014) which was dedicated to the American composer Nico Muhly. The creation enjoyed the support of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts 

  • Choreography and Performance:
  • Dramaturgy:
  • Viola:
    Moshe Aharonov
  • Piano:
  • Lightning:
  • Sound:
    Oren Cohen
  • Costumes:
  • Video Editing:
    Yonatan Bar-Or
  • Production and Administration:
  • Props:
    Matchbox Corset-Ruth Palmon “Aleena׳s Wall” (1999); Flowers Corset, Long-Hair Wig - Anat Sternschauss “Hall” (2003); Rubber Tits Bra - Ilanit Shamia “Two Playful Pink” (2003); Lion Mask - Alona Rodeh knife, cigarettes candles “I'm Mean, I Am” (2006); Red Rubber Slippers, Printed Gown-Inbal Lieblich “Love Fire” (2009); Wigs, Ponpons Belt, Mouth Streamer, Clown Wig - Tom Krasny “See Her Change” (2013)
  • Fur installation:
  • Star Video:
  • Musical Pieces by order of appearance:
    Nico Muhly Drones and Violin: Material in Sevenths, Part 3 (the 8th tune, after Thomas Tallis), Part 5 Salvatore Sciarrino Tre Notturni Brilianti per Viola Sola - 2, 3 Nico Muhly Drones and Viola - Material in D, Part 2 Salvatore Sciarrino Tre Notturni Brilianti per Viola Sola – 1 Gal Schuster Here/ Now for viola solo* (excerpt) *The piece was written in the frame of TPME, generously supported by the Adle and John Gray Endowment Fund
  • Special thanks to: