We told stories until, for a brief moment, we didn’t know if they happened in reality or if we dreamt it all. But the snake in our body, our reality, we knew we needed to embrace.

In “DEN OF SNAKES” by Annabelle Dvir and the participants of “Moving Communities”, sound, word, movement and imagination blend together until they join together in a silent, gentle and plastic dance, in which a new physicality is realized, if only for a few minutes,  and gives itself to not feeling alone through the action of performance.

  • Participants:
    Avi Elhadef, Avi Shamai, Esti Levi, Gershon Mogilner, Haya Shalom, Tal Nave, Yael Hizkiyahu, Michal Rainer, Neomi Bason, Roza Kopferberg, Zadok Gabai, Ruti Rivnitzki, Rafi Eldor
  • Choreography:
    Annabelle Dvir
  • Teaching Assistance:
  • Artistic Direction:
  • Project Manager and production:
  • Volunteer coordinator:
  • Production Manager:
  • Administrative Manager:
  • Music:
    Snake Live/ Tripoli, Aquarium