Love Fire

Yasmeen Godder’s Love Fire is performed completely to the soundtrack of well-known classical waltz pieces, ranging from Shostakovich to Strauss. Using her very personal and unique performance language, she responds to the waltzes through a private prism of ideas, with the desire to be moved and charged by it, without judgment. Taking into consideration the cultural and personal distance from this music, a complex and humorous journey evolves on stage dealing with different understandings of what is “romantic”. The desire to fall in love, to lose control, to be transformed and taken by passion are explored through bold physicality and bizarre imagery, which give a new twist to stereotypes of male and female identity, and the roles they play within relationships. At the end, the visual artist Yochai Matos, known in Tel-Aviv for his street and gallery works, creates a performative response, perhaps even an intervention, which adds a surprising twist turning the choreography into a large installation on stage.

World Premiere: Suzanne Dellal Center, Curtain Up Festival (2009)
European Premiere: February 2010, Théâtre de la Place, Liege, Belgium
Co-Production: Curtain Up Festival (2009) Tel Aviv, Israel, Théâtre de la Place, Liege, Belgium, Hebbel am Ufer,Berlin, Germany
The first part of the creation was commissioned by Les Subsistances ,Laboratoire de création artistique ,Lyon, France and Kunstfest Weimar GmbH, Weimar, Germany