Nov 21st, 2014
6 Dec 2014 : LIE LIKE A LION : International Exposure Festival, Tel-Aviv IL

We are excited before  the first presentation of of  Lie Like A Lion in Israel on November 11th  at The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance, where it will also be presented  as part of The International Exposure Festival on December 6th. Another performance is an invitation to perform at  The Fringe Theatre in Be'er-Sheva on November 18thLie Like a Lion is a creation in which dance, music and stage props are in a constant evolution. The dance movements, just as the objects on stage, are all part of Yameen Godder's personal archive of solos made in the last 15 years. This time around, other than working with dancers, Godder sets to explore her own physical and emotional material in-collaboration with two musicians.

The presence on stage of the pianist Matan Daskal and the viola player Moshe Aharonov, both as musicians and performers, is permanently being examined. The tension between Godder and the musicians exhilarates as their function and appearance changes. While Godder unfolds layers of her fractured identity it is unclear whether the musicians are her allies or conspires. The uncertainty of the relations evolving on stage triggers Godder to challenge her current physical and emotional state as she exposes and displays the body's desire to lose power and form.

De-contextualizing and re-working movements from previous creations allows Godder to reformulate her creative language and artistic skills. What began as a very personal research has turned into a conscious resonation of national and social expectations to overcome weakness. The struggle to hold onto a human frailty and sensitivity is emphasized through an introspective gaze immersed in a sense of existential terror.

Between disguise and pretense Lie Like a Lion takes us into a journey made of imaginary, fake and fantastical narratives. Movement structures are intertwined with bold and raw live music performance which forcefully engages us with Godder's reflection on her work and proposals for the future. .  

Check out the new teaser-video that Yoav Brill created


Recently we have started a new collaboration with Theatre Freiburg, Germany, called: "Störung -  הפרעה"  that  creates a unique conjunction between  dancers  , people who live with Parkinson   and   researchers studying the disease from the University of Freiburg and leading institutes in Israel .  Alongside with developing dance classes for people with Parkinson's and classes for medical students Godder, Sigal Bergman, Shuli Enosh, Uri Shafir, Anat Vaadia and Ofir Yudlevich will be developing an artistic laboratory resonating with the information and experiences from this.  Stay tuned for more information that we will publish here.


Check Out our wonderful new Annual Evenings Workshops starting on November 2nd, including Solo from Scratch: Solo Creation with Sharon Zuckerman Weiser on Sundays,  BMC  with Michal Shahak on Mondays and Technique and Repertoire  with Shuli Enosh, Dalia Chaimsky and Anat Vaadia on Wednesdays.  

All the information is updated HERE.  


We are proud to share that Itzik Giuli, our co-artistic director and dramaturge has  been chosen to be artistic director of the prestigious Israel Festival- the country's biggest festival for the performing arts. As well as the artistic director of the 25th Anniversary of the renowned Curtain Up Festival - that is just about to begin on November 19th . Check out the festival's Facebook Page.


On October 29th we celebrated the launching event of a new book about Yasmeen's work titled  EXTREMUM-Reflection on the work of Yasmeen Godder, that has been published with writings by Paolo Ruffini, Avi Feldman,  Elisabeth Nehring , Raphael Zagury-Orly and many more wonderful writers, by the Asia Publication. The book was initiated and produced by The Petach-Tikva Museum of Art as part of the exhibition Set in Motion; Dance-Art-Community, curated by Drorit Gur Arie and Avi Feldman.

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