Yasmeen Godder Company’s Summer Intensive Workshop 2018! Sunday July 15- Friday July 20

This years’ summer intensive is inspired by the work Two Playful Pink.

Being one of Godder’s seminal works, this intense and physical female duet originally created in 2003, has been re-staged in 2017 with two strong performers: Dor Frank and Francesca Foscarini. The two will also lead the workshop, focusing on materials and approaches of this work, alongside with Tomer Damsky (a vocalist and composer) and Yasmeen Godder.

In the intensive there will be release-based technique classes, which will place an emphasis on anatomical awareness, connection to weight and space, and finding efficiency, musicality and freedom in movement. Alongside, repertoire from Two Playful Pink will be taught, while looking into its varying aspects: complex movement phrases, engaging with emotion, playing with presence, partnering and voice work.

The wokrshop is intended for people with extensive experience in dance.

For registration please send a CV to - online registration

 Happy to return to performances of SIMPLE ACTION in our studio on  May 25.  Godder was chosen by DanceTalk as "the best choreographer of 2017" in Israel for the work SIMPLE ACTION: "The possibility to create a theater so deep, spiritual, humanistic and moving, gave the work a sweeping quality of rare and highly complex simplicity".

And when we are done with with these shows, we are going on tour to Potsdam's Tanztage Festival in June where SIMPLE ACTION will be preseted 4 times in a beautiful old church, 
and where for the first time Stereotypes Game - Godder's first creation for young audiences, will be presented outside of Israel.

On March 9-10 FACE IN, the work Godder created the amazing Candoco Dance Company had its premiere at Sadler's Wells  London.

Press here for tickets and check out  the beautiful trailer!!!


In January we held the MOVING COMMUNITIES conference celebrating three years of dance classes that brought together dance professionals and people living with Parkinson's disease at the Yasmeen Godder Studio in Jaffa, Israel. The conference, invited participants to re-examine and experience anew the connection between thought and movement, dance and well being, and art as a transformative force in the community. It will focus on different practices of teaching dance to people with Parkinson's, as well as on the exploration of new initiatives that connect creativity, body and community.

The 2017’s Classes and the conference of Moving Communities was made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Ted Arison Family Foundation.

Click here for the full program and  more information  

In October the Shimon Peres Prize awarded to those who made an outstanding contribution to the friendship between Germany and Israel was given on the project Störung (“disorder” in German) by German Monica Gillette and Israeli Yasmeen Godder's Company, which incorporated German and Israeli experts from the fields of medicine, engineering, theater and dance in a two-years-long study of the effect of movement and contemporary dance on people with Parkinson's. The prizes were awarded in cooperation with the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation.  

In summer of 2017 we premiered the repriese of Two Playful Pink- a powerful and thought-provoking duet from 2003, originally created and performed by Yasmeen Godder and her well known collaborator Iris Erez, and now restaged with two powerful performers: Dor Frank and Francesca Foscarini. Presented at the B-Motion Festival at Bassano del Grappa Italy and at the International Festival at Les Brigittines in Brussles, the work will return to performances in the first week of December , as part of the International Exposure Festival at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance in TLV.   


We're honored to be a part of the Global Dance for Parkinson's portal. The Yasmeen Godder Company was chosen to be the Israeli partner in this wonderful project and you are welcome to click-in and read about our weekly Contemporary Dance Classes for People Living with Parkinson's. Inside you will find documentation from two classes held in our studio: one with Anat Vaadia and the second with Sigal Bergman. The portal is an amazing tool to read and learn about varied approaches from some of the finest dance centers in the world that develop  dance classes for people who lives with Parkinson.   

Our weekly Contemporary Dance Classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease began in February 2015, as part of the “Störung/הפרעה” Project. Initiated by Theatre Freiburg, Germany, this unique interdisciplinary collaborative project brought together professional dancers and choreographers with scientists and physicians – along with people with Parkinson’s from Israel and Germany – to explore different aspects of human movement and movement disorder. For more information about the project please visit our Following this successful and fulfilling year, we have continued  the weekly classes independently. In January 2017, we received a generous grant from The Ted Arison Family Foundation allowing us to add another weekly class and a concluding conference. We are excited that in 2018 we continue with the bi-weekly classes. more information about the classes

Weekly Classes

Open Morning Class with Yasmeen Godder

Tuesdays  9:00am-10:45am

An release-based technique class for people with experience in dance. 

The studio opens at 8:45.

50 NIS a class/200 NIS for a card of 5 classes/ 350 NIS for 10 classes.

Please note: NO CLASS on 8/5 and 15/5

There will be no classes June-August!

*No registration is required

Open morning Yoga Classes with Avital Barak  

Sundays and Thursdays  9:00am - 10:15am

Vinyasa style, for dancers and non-dancers

40 NIS a class/ 200 NIS for a card of 6 classes!

*No registration is required

Contemporary Dance Classes for People living with Parkinson's Disease

Mondays at 11:30-12:45 and Wednesdays at 10:30-11:45

Classes are free and taught by a changing group of teachers.

60 NIS a class/ 500 NIS for a card of 10 classes

For more information please contact :