Apr 20th, 2014
9+10 May 2014 : GUT GIFT : Fabbrica Europa Florence IT

We are deep in the process of creating CLIMAX - a new creation made specifically for The Petach Tikva Museum of Art with seven wonderful dancers: Dalia Chaimsky, Shuli Enosh, Dor Frank, Yuli Kovbasnian, Uri Shafir, Edu Turull Montells and Ofir Yudilevitch - in which Yasmeen goes back to her physical archive and questions moments of climax:  physically, emotionally, spatially and conceptually. This research will develop for a 3 hour work presented during museum hours on the following dates: May 22, June 19, 26&27, July 4&5.  We will update on more information as we get closer.

Also in May GUT GIFT, the solo for Francesca Foscarini will be presented in Italy and in France: on May 9+10 at the Fabbrica Europa 2014 in Firenze, Italy, and later that month at  Rencontres chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis on May 26-28. GUT GIFT, premiered in February in Rome's Festival Equilibrio. A year ago Francesca won the Equilibrio Award for Best Performer, which gave her the possibility to invite a choreographer of her choice to create a solo piece for her. Here's the trailer by Matteo Maffesanti.

On June 9+10 we will present a very special two shows of  LOVE FIRE as part of the 25 years celebrations for The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance in Tel-Aviv. Yair Vardi, the director of the center chose the show as one of his favorites' shows that was presented there. This is what they wrote in the program of their festival:

"Award-winning Israeli-American choreographer Yasmeen Godder has received worldwide acclaim for her intensely physical, no- holds-barred approach to movement. Set entirely to recordings of well- known waltzes, Yasmeen's 2009's work Love Fire is a visceral response to the desire to fall in love, to lose control, to be transformed and to be taken by passion. Love Fire gives an exhilarating new twist to stereotypes of male and female identity, and the roles they play within a relationship. Johann Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz will never be the same again!"

Tickets: 03-5105656 or via the web-site


Happy to share with you our plans for two Summer Intensive Workshops:

  • Summer Intensive Workshop for Exeprianced Dancers 27.7-7.8, Sun.-Thurs. 17:30-21:30
  • Summer Intensive Workshop for Dance-Experianced Teenagers 13-17.7, Sun.-Thurs. 17:30-21:30

More details will be published here soon. Pre-registration is open! guy@yasmeengodder.com

On March 3rd we opened the Technique and Repertoire Workshop lead by Anat Vaadia, focusing this semester on the creation Storm End Come. And on March 9th we started another edition of Solo from Scratch workshop with Sharon Zuckerman. You are welcome to join the technique classes of  each of these workshops 17:30-19:00. Read more about it.

Open Morning Class continue with Yasmeen Godder are every Monday morning 9:00-10:45 and with Dalia Chaimsky every Wednesday 9:00-10:30.  The studio will be open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:45. Passover Alert: NO CLASS on April 14th&21st! 

Also every week Open Yoga Classes, Vinyasa style, for dancers and non-dancers, on Sunday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 - 10:15 am with the wonderful Avital Barak

The Yasmeen Godder Studio is located at The Mandel Cultural Center, 1st Hatkuma St., Jaffa. Tel:03-6823104

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